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SkyPoint offers a range of free network audits covering telephone systems, network hardware, wireless communications and network support

A successful team beats with one heart

At heart, SkyPoint provides support services to our customers through a highly qualified, personable, and ethical team of professionals. We could not do this without them!

Our primary goal is to have positive relationships with our customers and to work alongside them to help them achieve great success!

We believe that our unity as a team, our experience within the technology industry and our commitment to integrity will make a significant contribution to the development, growth and success of our customers.

Onward Together

Penny Covic
Partner Manager – Operations
M: 027 2255 488

Penny has worked in management roles for Corporates, SME and ICT Companies: Her experience includes Human Resources and Operations Management, Bank Management, Regional Financial Administration and People Development. She is a member of HRINZ (Human Resource Institute of New Zealand). Key to Penny’s success is making time for people and always looking to build a strong team culture. Being a busy person, a good coffee, excellent red wine and cheese board will ensure you have her undivided attention.

Roger Salisbury
Partner Manager
M: 027 2255 492

Roger has considerable experience in the tertiary and ICT business sector. He is a previous owner and director of an ICT Company, familiar with strategic business direction, setting and monitoring budgets and ensuring the profitability of a company. He enjoys a dark beer and creating a friendly and strong team culture. Beware his friendly invitation to a squash game; he takes no prisoners on the squash court, or for that matter on a golf course!

David Covic
Partner Manager
M: 027 2255 490

David has wide experience in management and values strong team environments and synergy. He enjoys building and maintaining business partnerships, ensuring the best levels of support are in place. As business is all about people, relationship and communication – David thrives on ensuring people have the best advice and tools to achieve their purpose. He enjoys music, the beach and a good story over a coffee or ice cold drink. We may also add that he has a sick sense of humour.

Michael Salisbury
Senior Systems Architect
D: 07 960 7011 (DDI)

Michael is a born and bred technical whiz, enjoying all aspects of technical development and the challenge of building new solutions for business. Don’t let Michael’s gentle nature fool you – he has a mean golf swing and his squash game is becoming legendary, not to mention his office basketball skills.

Bradd Trebilco
Systems Engineer/Partner Relations-IT
D: 07 960 7011 (DDI)

Bradd comes to us from the tertiary education sector, and brings a wealth of IT management experience, particularly in developing and implementing strategic direction for IT services from 10 to 1000+ user environments. He has previously owned a small computer training business, so helping people gain the most out of their system enthuses him. Bradd loves water sports, and also enjoys a bit of social basketball and getting out on mountain bike trails with his wife and three kids.

Luke Jones
Systems Architect
D: 07 960 7011 (DDI)

Luke stepped into SkyPoint with a wide range of IT experience, drawing on his background in the commercial manufacturing industry. Luke is a solid team player with a dry sense of humour. He enjoys travel, a cold beer or a good cappuccino (with cinnamon). One of his passions includes camping; when not at work you’ll always find him kicking back at the beach.

Justin Adsett
Systems Engineer
D: 07 960 7011 (DDI)

Justin is one of our global engineers having come from New York via Hawkes Bay. With a background in the educational IT sector he is adding his experience to our ever growing IT team. Name a sport or beer and he’s into it with a cheerful whistle or a song, and lights up the team with a great sense of fun and energy

Adil John
Systems Engineer
D: 07 960 7011 (DDI)

Adil is one of our global engineers, having strong analytical ICT and engineering skills gained in many parts of the world including India, UK and NZ.

He has significant experience within both the commercial and educational sectors with a strong customer service focus and a passion for new technologies.

Interestingly, Adil’s experience also includes several years working within the Aircraft engineering industry.

He is a keen sportsman whether playing or supporting and has a wide range of interests including photography, science, astronomy through to movies and politics. Adil and his wife enjoy exploring NZ; there is always plenty to talk about, including his cooking skills.

Campbell Hunter
Systems Engineer
D: 07 960 7011 (DDI)

Campbell (better known to the team as Cambo) made the move from Auckland with his wife and daughter and loves being back in the Waikato.

He is our ‘resident’ IT systems engineer, we don’t let him out of the office too often – he enjoys being the cool, calm and intelligent voice on the phone for our customers.

Campbell came to SkyPoint with over 15yrs experience in the IT industry; he has a passion for technology and customer service. He likes to be the IT problem solver for our customers allowing them to remain focused on the smooth running of their business.

When not at the office, you will find Cambo with his family and friends. He loves adventure, which takes in traveling to isolated west coast beaches and kayak fishing around the Coromandel Peninsula

Liam Hay
Operations Support
T: 07 929 4932

Liam has a background in management studies and economics and adds strength to our business operations team. He is tenacious when it comes to learning new systems and processes. From the backyard to the Blackcaps he is a huge cricket fan. As soon as the grass is dry you can find him out knocking a ball around, and when it’s not there's always spectating from the couch.

Aaron Brown
Telecommunications Engineer
T: 07 929 4932

Aaron is our Telecommunications Engineer par excellence! We have known Aaron since he began working within telecommunications over 20 years ago!

His wide experience covers both standard and hosted phone systems including Panasonic, 3CX, Siemens, and Samsung, to name but a few. We are thrilled to have Aaron as part of our team.

Our customers love the experience and confidence of working with Aaron. His professionalism and ability to build robust communications platforms united with his controlled calm nature when troubleshooting telco issues is legendary.

Aaron is an avid sports fan and keen golfer, which he fits around his first priority – his wife and young family.

We are looking forward to welcoming our next team member.
T: 07 929 4932
Josh Hay
SkyPoint Alumni Member

Josh has moved into a new role as a Database Developer with one of SkyPoint’s valued customers.
As a SkyPoint Alumni member we will continue to draw on Josh’s expertise from time to time.

Josh remains in close contact with our team and is a valued member of SkyPoint’s extended family.

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