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SkyPoint Technology

Free Network Audits

SkyPoint offers a range of free network audits covering telephone systems, network hardware, wireless communications and network support

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Our mission is to provide our customers with confidence and peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that they have a professional business partner and team that will actively work with them to get the best from their technology investment.

What We Do

SkyPoint specialises in embracing innovative computer and communication technologies to enhance successful business. We are committed to understanding customer business needs and creating the best technology strategy to meet their requirements.

Where We Are

SkyPoint is based in Hamilton at Waikato Innovation Park which is a strategic business community with a strong focus on innovation, collaboration and mutual support.

Our Commitment

Our priority is to understand our customers’ needs and create the best technology strategy to complement their businesses. One of our core strengths is a collaborative approach to business and customer partnership.

SkyPoint has a passionate and highly skilled team who have a wealth of experience in the industry. Our vision is to create value for those around us, always endeavouring to contribute more than we take.

We have strong partnerships with proven market brands and service providers. SkyPoint will use its experience to help businesses become more efficient and profitable. We provide sound business direction, innovative technology solutions and ongoing proactive support.

If you would like to meet over a coffee or get a second opinion on your business requirements, you are welcome to contact the SkyPoint team.

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